Metal switch MPB16L Series

2.Electrical Life:
100,000 Make-And-Break Cycles At Full Load.
3.Insulation Resistance :1,000MΩ Min. at 500VDC.
4.Delectric Strength:2,000V RMS@sea level.
5.Contact Resistance:
50mΩMax.@1A/12VDC(inital value).
6.Operation Temperature :-20℃+70℃.
7.Operation Pressure:4.5±1.5N.
8.Travel:About 2.3mm.
9.Ingress Protection:IP67.
10.Torque:11.5 kgf·cm.
11.Current limiting resistor is required to limit
LED forward current to 20mA.
12.CAP Keeps same high.
13. 13.Push-OFF,LED Red light,Push-ON,LED Green light(Latching)


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