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China's High Voltage Switch Products will Transform to Intelligence

05-28, 2019

China's High Voltage Switch Products will Transform to Intelligence




With the development of the times, the industrial pattern of high-voltage switch is changing day by day, which is embodied in market scale, industrial scale and other aspects. The development of high-voltage switch industry lies in improving the production efficiency and service quality of the whole power industry, and striving to realize the diversification of products and services in its own field. The expansion and extension of HV load switch industry can be summarized as the vertical and horizontal expansion of the industry. We can understand that the vertical extension is the deep development of system and quality which is not related to scale, such as innovating the technology of HV load switch equipment, while the horizontal one is the emphasis. It is an expansion of the scale and structure of the high voltage load switch industry.

Combining with the actual development of high-voltage switch and load switch industry, it can be said that it is the horizontal and vertical extension of high-voltage switch industry that makes the high-voltage load switch industry glorious today. This development and progress means self-reliance, a leap from quantitative change to qualitative change, and an achievement that makes the Chinese proud and proud.

The expansion of high-voltage switch and load switch industry scale benefits from the continuous growth of market demand of high-voltage load switch. Market demand promotes the progress of high-voltage load switch industry, and also makes a series of changes in the management and development concept and mode of high-voltage load switch industry. This change creates a suitable high-voltage negative. A good atmosphere for the development of load switch industry. The whole domestic high-voltage load switch industry is really strong. Domestic operators of high-voltage load switch industry should strive for this goal endlessly and fight endlessly.

Under the development situation of modern high-voltage switch industry, every manufacturer should actively increase the research and development of new high-voltage switch and load switch products, pay attention to the improvement of product performance and quality, and strive to expand the industry horizontally and vertically on the basis of implementing the scientific concept of development in an all-round way, so as to guide the industry development. To a new height.

High-voltage switch products are updated very frequently, often in a short time, you can eliminate many old-fashioned product series. Take circuit breakers as an example. Now some equipment manufacturers add over-current relays, current transformers for detection and various sensors to the original circuit breakers, so that the circuit breakers have self-diagnostic functions and transmission functions, constituting an intelligent unit that integrates monitoring, communication, control and protection, thus strengthening it. The function of circuit breaker improves the reliability. That is to say, the common circuit breaker products in the past, in the next period of time, will be slowly eliminated.

At the same time, the high-voltage switch is pushing forward to the direction of intelligence. At present, the leading high-voltage switchgear products in the world have the functions of disconnection circuit monitoring, action time detection, contact parts detection, spring energy storage time detection and so on. Intelligent high-voltage switchgear is composed of these functions.

In addition, the high-voltage switch may be able to combine control, signal, protection, measurement and monitoring functions, so that the high-voltage switch cabinet has the functions of continuous self-monitoring and direct connection with the power plant control system, so as to realize any combination of multiple functions. Of course, this is still under development, but it is undeniable that in a period of time, this related technology will guide the future development trend of high-voltage switching technology.


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